Herbs Growing tips in Container gardening

Growing herbs in a container is a wonderful idea, I personally like it very much not because I don’t have a big garden to grow herbs but because of its beauty. Herbs in container looks beautiful and has its own charm. Small herbs in different types of container is not only convenient but can also be a part of your kitchen interior. Place some herb containers near your kitchen window along with some flower pots and when the sunlight will fall over it, it will just look amazing. More importantly whenever you want, you can pick some handful of herbs and use them fresh while making food. Here I am sharing some tips with you regarding growing herbs in a container.Herbs

The right pot

Any type of herb can grow in a container, the only thing that has to be taken care of is to put the right amount of water in it. Therefore do a little homework and find out the water requirement of your herb and choose the pot accordingly.

Appropriate sunlight

Usually herbs require sufficient sunlight, at last for 6 to 7 hours during the day time. At the same time you must take care to protect your herbs when the sun is too high. So if you are living in a region with extreme temperature, then make sure that you protect your herbs from sun especially  during the day time and make sure they get sufficient sunlight during winter or monsoon.

The right quantity of soil

Make sure that you use the right quantity of soil for the herbs. The soil must have appropriate quantity of minerals so that your herbs gets the right nourishment to add taste to your food. The soil must drain well as too  much water can damage your herb. The pot where your are  growing the herbs must have holes to drain out excess water.


If you are thinking that adding too much fertilizer will make your herbs grow well then you are wrong. There are some herbs which give the best taste when they are left on their own. So before adding water and fertilizer you must make sure that your herb need it. That is why you must study the requirements of the herbs in detail before growing them.

Choose your herbs

You must choose the herbs that you can grow the best. There are some herbs which are expensive like rosemary so growing it is a good idea. The best thing about growing pots in a container is that you can even hang containers if you don’t have the desired place to grow them. There are beautiful stands available and you can use one of them. Another thing about growing herbs in a container is that you can choose a container of your choice.  For example if you have a old basket then you can use it like a container. Fill the basket with soil and put a metal net at the bottom if the basket will not hold the soil properly. If you want, you can even paint the basket so that it looks good. So all the best for growing herbs in a  container.

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