Heirloom Plants Care Tips

Passed down for several generations hailing for long in a particular area, Heirloom Plants have been a choice of gardeners for hand picking for some or the other special characteristic.

Source: vitagardens.com

Source: vitagardens.com

Growing heirlooms turns out to be an interesting affair as they can be unpredictable every year. Even after listing the expected number of days to reach maturity, the time may vary depending on weather and other conditions.

A few tips to be taken care of, for a good yield from them:

  • Planting a Heirloom: With plants that support grafting, such as heirloom tomatoes, grafting on a disease-resistant root stock is given the most preference.
  • Proper support: Some heirloom plants can unexpectedly grow large, and thus, a good and strong stake or fencing is required.
  • Spacing the plants generously: Depending on, which plant is chosen to be cultivated and keeping in mind the unexpected growth of the plants, ample space must be provided between them.
  • Mulching: Keeping the same amount of moisture content in the soil, every year provide settling environment for the plant and also keeps it away from diseases.
  • Watering right: Use drip irrigation, to water the plants deeply, and allowing the water to slowly seep down towards the roots.
  • Harvesting: Heirlooms, unlike other plants must be picked before ripening, as they do not need sunlight after that. Ripening may be done later even in the kitchen.

A heirloom plant that groomed and fruited well this year, might result in least the next, the reason, it is not advisable to use them for large cultivation.

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