Hand Landscape painting making tips

A landscape will only generate interest if it is able to capture the same emotion as the real picture did. It is not a easy task to make a landscape as the real effort is to make it look like a real image and not like a landscape. Here are some tips that I will share with you all which will make help you make a landscape which will look real.

Be selective in including things : You don’t have to include everything that you see in a landscape. You must be very selective in your task. First observe the landscape carefully and then choose the important elements that you can put. Choose only those elements which will give the landscape the real feeling.

Use your judgment : You can very well use your judgment as the artist has the right to imagine things. You can re arrange things in a wonderful way and take the flights of your imagination. Just think what will make the image look more beautiful and then do the task accordingly.

Landscape painting

The right color Combination : Landscape is a about coloring. You as a painter must know which colors you must use that will help you create the real feeling associated with eth landscape. If you want you can do a test, bend colors and then try painting something and observe the result. If you see that the painting helps you get the real feeling then you must note down the proportion in which you have mixed the colors. The real satisfaction is in mixing the colors as they will give you the real feeling.

Hand Landscape painting colors

Buy ready made greens : If you want you can buy ready made green colors and they will help you make the painting look real. There are many other varieties in the green color and you can prepare your own shade by mixing blue or yellow in it. This will help you work out better so don’t wait doing that.

Decide the time of painting : You must decide which part of eth day you want to show in your landscape. If it is morning then the green will different and if it is mid day then the green shade will be bright. Only when you decide what you want to how in your painting, then only can you paint properly.

Decide the mood : The painting will look good only when you have decided the mood for it. If you want you can actually go and make the painting where you want. This will help you be in the right attitude and you will be able to give more to the painting. You can see and observe carefully what you want to capture and only then can you paint properly.

The best way to make a landscape is to think about the beauty of it. if you are not able to decide what you want to show in the landscape then it will be very difficult for you to paint the same. So next time you want to paint first decide what you want to show and then carry on with the work.

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