Garden tree lighting decor tips

Garden has always known for reflecting immense beauty. And make your home look more attractive as a whole. So, it is your duty to make your garden as beautiful during the day and as well as attractive during night. Always keep in mind that you have to show your creativity during both the time. Generally during the day, flowers, vines and the plants are visible and look very gorgeous, but the same thing you have to do during the night through lights.  Sometimes it happens that you want to invite some of your friends for a dinner party or garden party or birthday party or the most awaited Christmas party then you have bring out the same froth.

In this article we are going to help you by suggesting the various ways you can design your garden with lights. It is true that at the time Christmas party or Halloween party at the garden requires extra lights to give a gorgeous look, but keep in mind don’t use too much harsh lights or bright lights then it will become chaotic. So, you require a proper planning about the use of the lights. You have to keep in mind about the ambience of your garden. You can easily follow these below stated tips on garden lighting.

The first thing is you have to choose the tree which you want decorate then arrange extension cord for the electric supply, but there should not be any wires on the way path of the garden, for that you can use ladders or any kind of structural support for the level. In garden, it is best if you use string lights in the bushes or shrubs.Use of fairy lights, Christmas string lights, can be the best option for your garden. Before you use the lights check the electric connection, especially of the extension cord.

  While you are winding up the lights along the tree, start it from the top then move to the base, start with the female connector and leave it by exposing with the male connector.

Christmas has always been the most long awaited celebrated all over the world. Let’s talk about some of the lighting tip during Christmas parties in your garden.

First, mark up the area where you want to focus including the shrubbery at your front yard. Whatever light strands you use should start the range from 25 feet. If you have already use lights in your garden then try to avoid those lights which you have already used.  Christmas is the occasion where you can try different type of light with varied colors.

Types of lights that you can use are mesh lights, string lights, solid lights, blinkers lights, chasing lights, and icicle lights.

Light each and every section of the lights. Don’t forget to light the windows, terrace. You can use big strands of lights in the branches of the trees. You can also use tradition lanterns or rope lights. If you install rope lights then try to measure the net between the trees. LED lights are another best option; they are also very cheap and use less electricity.

Bulbs can also be the best option. You can use hang bulbs, bulb stands, bulb shades. It is better to use bulbs only for the shrubs.

Thus, your main priority behind your garden designing with lights is to create an environment of festival.

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