Garden flower plants for winter

Winter is the time when we see snow all around but this does not mean that we cant grow flowers during this time. There are lot of flowers that grows in winter as well. Here are some of these flowers that grows in winter as long as you provide them the right soil type and know how to grow them.


This plant although may be a not so fashionable but it is the right winter plant. It has a very traditional look and this is why it is liked by most people still. It produces red, white and pink color flowers in mass. You need to make sure that it gets the right sunlight and the right kind of soil type so that it blossoms well. It is the perfect garden flower for winter as it will blossom for months together. It will start blooming from winter early to early spring. You need to make sure that the drainage of the soil where this flower blooms is very good as stagnant water will kill the plant.

Scented plants

These are fantastic winter plants which will be delight of every garden. There are lot more of this plant than just its enchanting smell. These flowers have a unique beauty in theĀ  and they look good anywhere but under the sunlight, they just look awesome. You need to keep the soil well fertile and make sure that it receives proper sunlight. They start blooming from autumn and have a fantastic look and aroma.

Viburnum farreri

These are small plants that grow to height of 6 to 7 feet. These plants have dark branches and they bloom pink flowers. They are a very good option for those who have a big garden and do not want small bushes but prefer large flower trees. These are the best flowers and one can easily start blooming them in their garden. You can start planting them early so that they bloom flowers in winter. These trees look like collection of pink blossoms from far and decorating these plants in winter is just amazing.

Colored stems

Colored stems are a great way to decorate the garden. This plant is really unique and has lot more to give your garden than just being an ordinary plant. The red colors of this stem is just amazing and they will just looking great. If you want you can decorate these stems with small lights and they will be just fantastic. You need to make sure that you use the right kind of lighting otherwise the beauty of the plants will not come up.

Snow drop

Snow drop is another great way to improve the decor of the garden. These petals are really nice and they actually look like snow drops. These will be difficult to locate if the background is snow filed but these are amazing plants and you will love growing them. The snow drop is the perfect plant for winter and Christmas.

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