Garden dinner table manners list 2015

Here are some tips to follow while eating out. When you sit down at a table together to eat, don’t start wolfing down your food as soon as it arrives. You must start with the rest.

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  • Eat slowly, and with your mouth closed.
  • You should not have bits and pieces of food sticking to your chin or cheeks.
  • If you are using napkins and cutlery, do not wave such items around to attract the attention of waiters.
  • Once a piece of cutlery has been lifted, it does not go back on the table, but should be placed on the plate.
  • Sit straight and always keep your elbows off the table.
  • If you are dining at a guest’s, don’t ever say that the food is bad. If you don’t like it, eat only a little.
  • Always take only the quantity of food you can eat. Avoid wastage.
  • Keep your plate as clean as possible when you eat. You can use a side plate for stowing aside unused food.
  • If you happen to belch while eating, you must say, “excuse me”.
  • If you are eating with cutlery you must cut your food up into bite sized portions before putting it in your mouth.
  • Never place your belongings on the table while you eat.
  • And last, but not least, learn how to use your fork, spoon and knife in the correct manner for each kind of food.
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