Find Out the Finest Uses of Basalt Rocks

One of the most common volcanic rocks is basalt rocks. Derived from the Latin word ‘basalts’ that means a very hard stone, basalt rocks are basically hard rocks that are formed by the rapid cooling of molten magma that erupts onto the earth’s surface during volcanic explosions. Although these rocks are usually black in colour, they are available in different shades of gray as well. Basalt is basically an intergalactic rock as it has been found in plentiful amounts in the crusts of the Moon, and planets like Mars and Venus along with a number of asteroids as well.

Basalt Rocks Have Been Used Since Ancient Times:

Basalt rocks have been in use since the ancient times since men started discovering features of rocks. Over the times, with an advent of technology, basalt rocks have found their application in several things. These rocks contain huge amounts of ores like Magnetite and iron-titanium oxide.  In the ancient times, these rocks were largely used in paving the streets and as seats in the stadiums. When technology brought rails into the picture, basalt rocks found their use as railroad ballasts as these rocks had the hardness, which could sustain the huge pressure of the rails.

Top 6 Uses of High-Quality Basalt Rocks:

In modern times, basalt rocks are used in gardening to various indoor uses, and they have now become the choice for people for a number of things. Some of the modern uses of basalt rocks in different fields include the following:

  • Construction Uses – It is being widely used as an aggregate in different concrete and asphalt pavements. The basalt rocks are being crushed into smaller particles and are being used extensively at construction sites where it is being used as aggregates and filtering agent.
  • Indoor Uses – Basalt rocks are widely used as an object of interior decor. These rocks are being used at wall panels, fireplaces, worktops, countertops, table tops and much more different things.
  • Gardening Uses – Basalt is used by gardeners as a preventing agent against the spread of weeds in the flower beds or plant bases.
  • Artifacts and Sculptural Uses – The fine-grained hardness of basalt rocks has made them the preferred object for sculptors since time immemorial. The famous Moai statues of the Easter Islands are mostly made from huge blocks of basalt rocks only. Even in modern times, artists and sculptors use Basalt rocks to carve out abstract shapes or busts as the fineness of the grains of the rocks makes it an ideal material for sculptors for easy carving.
  • Home Decor Uses – Flat slabs of basalt rocks are nowadays being used as floor tiles in homes, hotels, and kitchens. While granite is used more as a kitchen countertop, basalt is more used as a floor tile in the kitchen areas.
  • Other Uses – Small pebbles of basalt are being used in an aquarium as decorative items. Specially shaped rocks are also used as massage stones and are particularly very useful when used while giving hot stone massage to an individual. Apart from this, basalt rocks are also used largely in the making of commemorative tablets or plaques as the material provides an ideal surface for etching the letters without getting broken or damaged unwontedly.

The abundance of basalt rocks on the surface of the Earth has made it widely available. This is one of the reasons why basalt rocks have been used in many things in the living space of humankind. Apart from all these applications, the colored basalt rocks are also used in concrete and railroad layout applications, in railroad ballast, in drain fields and in many other spheres of life.

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