Figs planting ideas in garden



Figs are the most adaptable type of plant and have an origin of tropical or sub-tropical region. They are the tastiest of the lot. One can grow Figs in a container or on ground. Figs are often grown in long hot summers and can be consumed in all forms.

Its easy to plant figs at home, all you have to do is follow these simple guidelines. Since all Fig flowers are females, it is best advised to plant the most common variety of Fig tree. If you plan to grow Figs in containersthen make sure they are soil based mix, make sure to add fine bark chips.

You can keep them in ample sunlight. One needs to make sure the fertilizer used is high nitrogen based and added every four weeks. Watering should be done moderately (not excess and not less). In winters keep plant moist.

Fig trees that are planted in ground need to be planted in partial sunlight and the best season for that would be spring. There is no specific rule to the soil used for Fig tree, but one needs to make sure the soil is kept moist all the time.Spacing of the Fig trees should be about 20 feet away from each other.

Fig trees that are grown in container for them you need to make sure to remove any roots laying within the root ball. To plant these trees, make a hole few inches wide and deep and place the tree at the center. Do take care to spread the roots away from the trunk, make sure it does not bend.

Fig tree needs to be planted 2 – 4 inches deeper from where it was placed in a pot. To make sure, you can always see the trunk color to check the soil line.

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