Fence gardening tips by the pros

Fence gardening is not a difficult task, but it is a different one. The fence gardening means that all the plants, flowers or even edibles look like they are hanging on the wall or on the fence. You have to decide whether it is better to use the south (warmer) fence or vice-versa. The size of the fence is important as well, because you can even look at it as a huge area for a garden in a vertical dimension. The distance from the walkways, the sizes of the tools for garden maintenance, the schedule for spraying and watering, the number of the fast-growing plants according to the harvesting time, and much more. Yet the following tips and advises can help you make the perfect fence garden of your dreams.

Fence gardening

There are three main types for this type of gardening. The first one is the famous modular gardening, which takes place in a number of home or urban gardens and even on the rooftops of houses, in balconies, in small terraces, etc. Its only enough to have a wall with sufficient free space in front of it, where you will place the different modules. The best thing is that you can continue the modular structure around curved walls and fences, as well as along the 90-degree edges or even on the both sides of a fenced walkway. To make the perfect modular structure – begin with the design of the desired layout. Take all the measurements and calculate precisely all the distances. This will help choose the right height and length of each module. On the other hand, when you know the number of the required rows and the height of each row, you will easily take a pick of the right arrangement of the vertical (supportive) poles or struts. The combination of horizontal and vertical components create the different modules and according to how high you make them, you can grow a truly vast array of plants. The next step is to choose them justly. Take into account the speed of their growth, the quality of the seeds, the pots, the colors and shapes of the flowers, the fragrances, etc. The details are very essential for the perfect modular garden in your home or even in a huge outdoor garden.

Fence gardening plant

Growing in iron, wooden or other frames. If you ask the best gardening experts about the best choice for altering the design of your home garden, they probably will tell you “frame gardening”. This is an easy and yet very effective way to grow plants vertically, without using numerous pots and soil for every plant like in the modular structure. The frame structure itself is another special touch to the decoration of your house, because the frame can feature beautiful materials with natural and wooden texture. The shape of the frame itself will change the fence or the wall into a huge textured wall, while when the plants grow fully throughout the entire frame – they can gently hide the frame structure so to enjoy a real “green wall”. Choose all year plants that love growing and hanging on the branches of the trees, and your framed structure may require less garden maintenance services too.

Fence gardening flower plant

Living sculptures on the fence. This method is almost the same as the frame gardening, mentioned above, but the use of a frame is the only common thing. The living sculptures can span over a couple of meters, as well as “appear” from the wall by providing different visual interpretations. From dinosaurs and cartoon heroes, to cars or even numerous small flowers that substitute the shape of a giant flower – they all look like they are hanging on the fence.

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