Espaliered Fruit tree spread design

Espaliered fruit trees goes best with kitchen gardens. And now with kitchen gardens becoming really popular in the urban areas as well as the country side espaliered fruit tree ideas are booming up. For an espaliered fruit tree garden, trees and branches are pruned and made to grow on one plane as they wish. They are either allowed to grow on a wall or a fence but only on one plane. They are not allowed to spread. These gardens are broken or breaking wall fixers. If you allow an espaliered garden on a wall which is breaking down the roots of the trees growing on that wall will prevent it from withering away and save it.

Espaliered Fruit tree_5

Espaliered Fruit tree_6

Espaliered Fruit tree_1

Espaliered Fruit tree_2

Espaliered Fruit tree_3

Espaliered Fruit tree_4

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