Eco friendly tree house plan

Tree house can be said as the leisure option. Tree houses are built on the top of the tree trunks or branches. Tree houses are built for a number of reasons like, to protect from the house from the scavenging wild animals, tree houses are also used for commercial and storage purpose, it’s also the most preferable playing destination for the kids. Through this article I am going to tell you that, how you are going to plan tree house? The first and the most important thing is that what type of tree you choose for a tree house, it’s advisable not to go for too young or too old trees, go for matured and hardy trees with deep roots. Best will be if you go for oak, maple, fir. While planning to have a tree house to forget have an inspection and talk to your known insurance agent for the insurance. Choose the right design, you can also consult with your interior designer. Keep in mind about good support and the access method.

Photo by Jack Coyier

Tree House plans 2014


tree house exterior design


Tree home balconey design


tree home garden pic


tree house swiming look


Tree house footway design


tree home interior furniture


tree house plans 2014


Images source: eptdesign

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