Eco friendly garden around the hospital

The garden is a refresh part in human life, so mostly ailing patient coming for treatment in the hospital so, if as waiting until patient want a refresh atmosphere so, eco friendly hospital is a attraction of the patient.  The green environment ever giving a satisfaction of mind so, when you ill in the life, just few time spend in the garden, such as your mood 40 % will be change. Below we have to shown Owensboro Health – Hospital · Medical centre hospital around garden design plan. This hospital address is 1201 Pleasant Valley Rd Owensboro, Kentucky.

Eco friendly hospital garden front look

Through Owensboro Health Regional Hospital’s environmentally friendly approach to design and construction, we hope to pass on our love of the Earth and natural resources to you. Over one thousand trees have been planted on our 160-acre campus, along with other greenery

hospital garden hd pic

Eco friendly garden

garden around the hospital

patient waiting hall design

hospital garden hospital garden

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