Decent Small Plants in Narrow Beds

For Gardeners to come up with ideas about smaller and narrow spaces can be a tiresome task. Spaces such as a narrow strip along the driveway or a small nook in the backyard can pose a problem when looking for plants to decorate these spaces. Well, worry not since small plants are the ideal solution for such problems and offer a variety of options to choose from.Not only small plants require little space they are also come with their own decorative appeal and require little effort to grow. Small bushes of Fairy Roses or Geraniums are sure to adorn that forlorn strip of land which has hampered your dream of a gardener’s paradise.

Plant Narrow Beds_1

Plant Narrow Beds_2

Plant Narrow Beds_3

Plant Narrow Beds_4

Plant Narrow Beds_5

Plant Narrow Beds_6

Source: pinterest

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