Decent residence and garden entry path

Whenever you invite your guest for a dinner or for a tea party, the first thing that comes to their look is the front yard decoration or the entry path decoration, so here through this small article I am going to suggest you some of the designing ideas for the entry path of your home. While you choose for the entry path design for your home then always keep in mind that there should be enough space for parking and also have space for leisure waking. The first thing you can do is, you can go for the combination of flagstone and gravel, and then you can place two arm chair with a small tea table, and thus will the perfect place to enjoy your evening. For a sophisticated you can go for mosaic entry path with marble statues.

beach side garden path way

garden entry path

Path in the garden inside


garden pathway inside stone design


Residence Entry Path 2014 look


Images source: jgsdesigns

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