Cool top 10 lavender harvesting garden

Lavender is one of the most extensively used flower for the purpose of decoration. If grow lavenders, then you might be thinking about the appropriate time of its harvest. Actually the right time actually depends on what way you are going the lavenders for what purpose. Lavenders are best known for its aroma, so if you want to use fresh lavenders in the vase or pots for its look and aroma then the best time to pluck the lavenders is that when few corollas are(outer petals) open up and it becomes violet. But you have to remember one thing that the corollas shouldn’t get shriveled otherwise it the smell of the flowers will get weaker and weaker the more the inner petals (corolla)get shriveled. If you want to use lavenders for the purpose of making wreaths, then you required the dried branches of the that case you will harvest them when the calyxes are totally bloom and become violet and swollen.

Lavender Harvesting


Lavender Harvesting garden


Lavender Harvesting in home garden


Berkeley Courtyard House


lavenders dense tree


lavenders Historic Landscape Design


Pool and spa inside lavenders Landscape Design


farm house Lavender Harvesting


Guest house lavender Harvesting


cool  lavender harvesting


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