Colorful garden decorative stones

Whenever we think of decorating our garden, the most common ingredient that we use are stones. Stones can be of different color, size, and also of different variety. Let’s now discuss some of the variety of stones that you can use to use to decorate your garden. The first type of stones that we will talk about Rockery Stones, in most of the gardens you will find this type of stones. The main feature of these stones is that they are very edgy and not smooth. Rockery stones are basically used around the pond, pathways, they are also used for the flower beds also. They have a wide variety of colors like Moorland slate, Cambrian Green and many. Next I will talk of pebbles and cobbles they are most variety of stones that you found in the garden. They are used for the finishing touch. You can use them as the toppings of the flower bed. They are of three varieties Scottish cobbles, Tweed pebbles, and Highland pebbles, they each differ in their size.

Garden stones art 2014

white Garden decorative stones

Garden decorative stones


Garden stones cool art 2014

Garden stones footway art 2014

amazing garden stones design

footway garden stones design

tree garden stones design

white stone in garden

Images Source: decorativeaggregates

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