Clean pool is not that much of hard work

Jumping into a swimming pool is an activity that no one is too old for. After a tiring day when you jump into a pool filled with fresh bright water, your body forgets what it went through during the day. Sometimes, on a lazy day you want to lay in a pool where the clear water reflects the sun so brightly that you just want to close your eyes and relax on the surface of the calm water. But, for all this to happen you need a pool that is so clean that it can make you feel fresh.

swmiing pool clean

Wouldn’t it be a mood kill if you want to splash around water in your pool but you can’t because it is not clean enough? Here are a few tips to make sure that your pool remains clean and you remain happy every time you jump in.

  • Be Regular-
    Just like anything else, your pool needs regular Pool cleaning and maintenance. It is useless if you spend oodles of time and money on your pool only once every year because your pool needs to be cared for regularly. You can actually decrease your expenses on pool maintenance by simply cleaning the pool once every week. Sometimes the debris and what not that falls into your pool can cause serious contamination of water if left unattended for a long period of time. So cleaning up regularly will spare you some serious expense and will give you the joy of a clean pool week after week.
  • Clean the filters-
    It doesn’t matter what kind of filter you use but, your filters too need regular cleaning. There are debris and hair that may get stuck in your filter and render the filter useless. Somehow, it is important to not over-clean the filters. If your pool filters are too clean, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to work the best. Let’s just say, since dirt attracts dirt, a little dirt in your filter will enhance its performance, just try it out once and you will be happy to see your pool filter work it’s magic.
  • Use that muscle-
    This is a part which can be fun for many but most may hide away from this. Just like you would clean your carpet, bring out your pool vacuum and get going all over the surface of your pool overlapping the surface. Vacuum your pool once a week and your pool will love you back and yes, don’t forget to clean out the vacuum filters every time you do that. Apart from vacuuming, your pool walls need to be cleaned too. Just pick up a pool brush and get scrubbing your pool walls. This will keep your pool algae free and the walls of the pool will not feel slippery from all the dirt that sticks onto it.
  • Cover it up-
    Prevention is better than cure for sure. In the dusty weather, it is wise to cover up your pool with appropriate pool cover and avoid debris from falling into it. Also, covering up the pool avoids the surface water to evaporate too much meaning you won’t have to refill the pool regularly. There are many anti algae pool covers available in the market that would not only avoid dirt but also will make sure that your water stays safe from algae-contamination. Also, some of these pool covers are a great aid in chlorine level maintenance.

These are the basics, but if you really love your pool you need to do a lot more than this. Check water level regularly, maintain the pH level, repair leaks and cracks, there is a lot that you can do for your pool. You can even hire a professional to keep an expert eye on your pool.

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