Casablanca Lilies flowers plant

Everyone likes to have a beautiful garden and why not after all that is the best place for one to relax and relieve al the stress of the day. Managing a garden is not a easy thing as you may like to plant your favorite flowers and trees but you may not know the right way of doing so. In this section I will discuss some Casablanca Lilies flowers plant growing tips with you so that you can grow them in your garden and they will look beautiful.

Casablanca Lilies flowers plant

Casablanca Lilies flowers plant growing tips

You must make sure that when you are taking the baby Casablanca lilies to plant, you must handle the tubers carefully. The tubers are very delicate and tender and they tend to loose moisture very fast since they do not have any kind of protective covering. The soil type is very important when you are growing Casablanca lilies. These plants grow in area where the soil is bit acidic in nature. If you are not sure about the nature of the soil in the garden then you can do a laboratory test for the same. You must also make sure that the plant receives sufficient sunlight during the day time. In case you live in a cooler region make sure that the plants are not placed under any shade. The soil must also drain out water fast as too much moisture content can damage the plant.

When you plant the Casablanca then make sure that the soil bed is at least 6 inches deep and the plantation depth must be 4 inches. This will ensure that you have loosen the soil as per required and the plant will get the right nutrition required. Make sure to fertilize the soil well as this plant needs the right amount of nutrition.

You must plant the lilies deep so that they can get hold of the root in a better way. There must be a gap of one inch between each pant so that they can grow well and the dept of plantation must be 4 inches. The next important thing to take care is the amount of water that the plant must receive. This type of plant requires enough water but at the same time you must make sure that the soil does not hold the moisture. The soil has to be bit loose in nature. If you are using pots to grow the plant then the pots must have holes to drain out excess water and they must be large in  size.

You must cut the blooms before they start developing seeds. Make sure that there are enough stems and leaves in the plant so that the plant can have maximum nutrition to be absorbed. You  must add enough fertilizer when the plant receives good amount of rainfall as rain washes away the nutrition of the soil. If you follow these tips you will grow beautiful Casablanca and they will look nice as well, so all the best for the same.

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