Best Ideas for Growing Melon Plants

Melons are berry fruits. They are fleshy fruits that belong to the cucurbit family. There are various types of melons like watermelons, muskmelons, honeydew and Asian melons. Growing melons is a very pleasing gardening experience. These crawling vines grow best in a warm weather. The fruit flavor and texture of the growing melon improves if there is less rain. The best kind of soil to grow melons is a fertile soil with a pH from 6 to 7.



There are a lot of ways to grow melon plants.

Trellises, Tepees and Fences: Adding a melon patch along with an existing chain fence makes it easier to grow a new melon. Melons grow well on stout tepees bound together with a rope. The vines grow through the support of the other melons.

Container Growing: An 18 inches deep container should be used to grow a large plant like a melon. Place a trellis alongside the plant for support and better growth.

Slings: A melon that grows till 3 or more pounds needs a support. An individual sling can be used for this support. A sling made of a stretchy fabric like an old pantyhose or an old T-shirt would be recommended to let the melon grow stronger and better.

Personal Watermelon Varieties: Personal Varieties don’t grow as much as other melons. They mature in less than three months. Early Midget and Golden Midget can be harvested in only 65 days, while Garden Baby and Sugar Baby take about a week longer. The smallest of all, Little Baby Flower at 2 to 4 pounds, is ready in approximately 70 days.

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