Beginner Landscaping Guidelines

If you’ve never had to deal with the task of dealing with landscape design, then you will likely feel stumped at the amount of choices and their implementation you will need to undertake. The same principles you would undertake for your room design can be applied for landscaping as the basics are pretty much the same in terms of concepts. The following examples will point out the way you can deal with the task ahead:

Beginner Landscaping

  • Making a list of wants and needs is a good first step. Do you have kids? Do they enjoy some playing space or do they need it? Do you need a patio? All of those should be answered as you move forward with your plans, so make some initial rough sketches of the yard with thoughts on where you really want to place your belongings and how you plan on organizing your gardening space and areas.

Beginner Landscaping for tip

  • Study and learn your wind patterns and sunlight availability. You will want to have a patio on the west side of your home, where it will get enough afternoon sunlight, which pretty much means you will not really enjoy a relaxing dinnertime in August there. Each side has its ups and downs, so you will need to consider which works best for your specific needs. Do keep in mind that strong winds can easily extinguish your fire pit or make a mess of the barbecue you have set up, so make sure you handle things right.
  • Live with the project for a while. Coming to quicker conclusions about the yard will only lead to choices that will fail to work in the long run, so you should instead take your time to plan.
  • Make sure you start your job small, as most projects will require a lot of work and you don’t want to stretch yourself too far in what needs to be done. Some TV shows give you a chance to see landscaping projects coming to fruition in a mere three day span, but what these shows fail to mention is that they often have teams of over 60 people working on the job. From a starting plan you will need to begin with a small flowerbed and work from there. Go out there and work for an hour or so when you have time to do that. You should allow yourself some time to see how things are moving and go from there. The idea is to take the time to get things done without going in rushed and without mistakes.
  • Working around a central point is another move you need to deal with. This happens to be one of the easier approaches to landscaping, such as making use of a single tree, some shrubs or a sculpture that allows you to make it happen. Draw the eye and help attract attention to certain locations around the landscape.
  • Focusing on scale and the pacing of the place is also important. The scale and pacing used in the gardening you do will be an important part of the process. Flowerbeds and paths will help people weave through the place when they need to. You will need to repeat some elements in the design, giving you a chance to make the place look beautiful, but also dynamic and useful.
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