Beauty butterfly on flower

The butterfly was down in the dumps. “I am so insignificant,” she thought. “I can’t fly high like the birds in the sky. I can’t swim like the fish in the pond. I just flit around aimlessly,” she sighed. The garden which was home to the butterfly was adjacent to a little cottage where lived a boy called Faju. Raju was depressed. He had just finished counting the money in his piggy bank and it was far too less. He wanted to buy a new sari for his sister. Raju’s sister had looked after him ever since his mother passed away. She was getting married soon and Raju was keen on gifting her something special. For months he had been doing little chores to earn and save for the gift. But it was just not enough. He did not want to take any help from others for this very special gift. Suddenly his tear dimmed eyes spotted a riot of colours in motion. “This butterfly is a real beauty,” thought Raju. Forgetting his misery, he rushed in to get his camera. He took several pictures of the breathtaking beauty on wings. A smile lit up his face. “Didi will love these pictures,” he thought. He could not help but mail out the pictures to his friends too. A few days later as Raju sat watching his favorite nature channel, he jumped up first in disbelief and then in sheer joy. His name with a picture of the butterfly appeared as the winner in a photo contest. His friend had mailed in his entry without his knowledge. The winner was to receive a sizeable monetary reward as well. His eyes swelled with tears as he thanked God for His grace.

The butterfly on the window pane appeared even more beautiful as she flitted away merrily.

butterfly on flower hd pic


butterfly on sun flower hd pic


butterfly on red flower hd pic

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