Basic Exterior Design Tips

While we all want to have a really nice home that stands out among the rest and has a personalized look, but all of this means you will need to be prepared for a lot of potential changes that need to be made. Designing the exterior of your home can be a fairly complicated process of colors, materials, balancing the shapes and lines to make matters work flawlessly. The following guidelines will give you more information you can work with:

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  • Balancing out the shapes through symmetry

Much like it is with interior design, symmetry and balance play a pretty important art of having a well-designed location. The façade of every home will often have a semblance of symmetry to appear more pleasing to the eye with a proper design solution. Whether this means eye-catching symmetrical appeal or something else is up to you, but the truth means you will need to center your place. There are many ways you can do this, some through the obvious symmetrical ways, while others may not exactly include that and may go in a slightly different way.

  • Form must follow function

This was an expression often used by Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor, Louis Sullivan, both incredible architects with quite a number of buildings to their name. This means your building has to have purpose as a focal point, as this will be the most important part of the job. What purpose does your home serve? What do you plan on using it for? Consider the individual needs you have as well as those of your family. Maybe you are an artist who needs larger windows, specifically because of natural lighting to have a chance to create. Maybe you will need another addition to your home or something that would add more value to it, but in the end it means you will need to consider the practical side of the projects ahead above the looks in most cases.

  • House materials and textures

Coming with multiple options, you will need to decide what types of materials we can use to make our home exteriors work. Vinyl siding, cedar shingles, stucco, steel, bricks and more can be valid choices. It would be best to balance out the durability of your materials with the aesthetic side of the projects. The same should also go for the perfect garden of your home. To avoid costly mistakes you will need to take care of this with a design architect.

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  • Gardening and landscaping

If you want to have your home looking truly stunning, then you will need to work on making it happen through more than simple materials. Proper landscaping and gardening will make a home not only more memorable and aesthetically pleasing, but they will also make your property value rise as well. Gardening experts and landscapists will give you a chance to make all of this count and to make the most of your exterior space in a creative and productive manner.

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