Awesome Tree Stump Planting Ideas 2016

With all the innovation that has been coming up these days, the innovative minds of this generation have not left any stone unturned to convert anything into something that can be reused in a proper way. And one of those things are tree stump planting. Tree stump planting is a very new thing which has been coming up these days along with all other kinds of planting like log planting etc. a tree stump can be either made hollow and can be used as a pot. The sides of it can be made hollow and trees and flowers can be easily grown there.

Tree Stump Planting_1

Tree Stump Planting_2

Tree Stump Planting_3

Tree Stump Planting_4

Tree Stump Planting_5

Tree Stump Planting_6

Image source: boredpanda

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