TekTile: A Novel Approach for Porcelain Tile Projects

There are many benefits to using porcelain tile for home design projects, such as its low cost compared to other materials, its durability and resistance to damage, and the wide range of patterns it can be made in and TekTile is providing yet another way to make porcelain tile attractive.

TekTile is produced by MSI and is a tile collection that matches various prints that resemble ultra-fine fabrics with Italian glazed porcelain tiles by using inkjet printing technology. This approach creates an incredibly unique kind of tile that has an amazing versatility whether used for smaller features such as backsplashes or countertops, or larger projects like entire floors.

Because it uses porcelain tile as the base, TekTile also has all the benefits of porcelain tile including its protection against wear and tear, its low cost, and how easy it is to install and maintain.

Available in a decent range of shades of ivory and gray, TekTile can add a great layer of sophistication to a bathroom, office, living room or many other parts of the home or workplace. It provides a fresh look instead, separating itself from the solid colors or overused patterns in which porcelain tiles are sometimes produced.

For example, a home office can look great with a line-art style that is produced in a pattern of thin lines that intersect with each other. Try tiling a room with line-art TekTile in a light ivory shade, and it’s clear that it pairs well with darker-colored office furniture such as chairs and desks.

Or the goal might be for an overall darker look to the office, in which case the line-art TekTile is still a great choice but can be produced in a less-bright tone, such as a dark shade of gray.

A nice alternative to the line-art style of TekTile is cross-hatch, which looks similar but has wider lines to resemble the look of thicker linen. Much like the line-art TekTile, cross-hatch is a versatile approach to porcelain tile that’s a great choice for the office, bathroom, or elsewhere. When produced in either ivory or gray, this looks as wonderful as an elegant wall tile.

TekTile is also available in a hopsack pattern that resembles the fabric used for clothing. This design, printed onto porcelain tile in shades of gray or ivory, can make for a dramatic floor by pairing tiles of both colors together to really catch the eye.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding between line-art, cross-hatch, or hopsack style for TekTile. They all look beautiful, and whichever one works best will depend on the type of interior design project, as well as the fixtures and fittings of the particular room.

These design options show why TekTile is an exciting new alternative for using in a room to make it truly stand out and give visitors something to talk about. But there are many more patterns available, so there’s almost no limit on how to use TekTile to achieve interior design goals.

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