Aluminum wall sculptures for garden

Garden wall sculptures are not new, from classical to neo-classical period of time you will get different wall sculptures used by the kings in their garden. So, if you want to add that same flavour in your garden then you can use garden wall sculptures. You will get a variety of wall sculptures, you can also get wall sculptures along with fountains.¬†Garden wall sculptures of the Roman gods and goddesses gives a very unique look and easily the eyes of the onlookers. For example, you can use the wall sculpture of Neptune horses, or you can use wall sculpture of unicorn. For wall fountains you can use the bronzed fairy wall fountains and along with that you can plants decorative wall vines for a classy look. Nowadays iron “solar wind” wall sculptures. For an Afro style you can use hand curved mask. You can use 3D effects eagle as your garden wall sculptures.

Garden wall Calgary stairstep

Garden wall wide stairstep

garden wall sculptures


garden wall sculptures


Modern garden wall sculptures


Garden wall sculptures 2014


via image source:  searlesart

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