A Guide to Removing a Large Tree in your Garden

As nice as they are, big trees can reach a stage where they pose a risk to both property and life, and eventually, you would have to have the offending tree removed. Exactly how this is done depends on many factors, which include the size and location of the tree, and in the event the tree is free standing in a large open area, a skilled tree surgeon could fell the tree and accurately place it where it does the least damage. If you happen to have a tree you think might be in danger of falling, here is some helpful advice.

Weight Distribution

As any experienced tree surgeon would tell you, felling a large tree is all about weight distribution, and there could be as much as 50 tonnes of timber up there, although you wouldn’t think it. The safest way to remove a large tree is section by section, and starting at the top, with ropes and pulleys, it is possible to remove manageable sections one by one. This method might be time consuming, but if there are any structures nearby, a straightforward fell is not recommended, and by taking the tree down bit by bit, there is less risk of injury or damage.

Stump Removal

Assuming you do not have the ability to remove the tree yourself, you will be hiring a tree surgeon to do the work, and ideally, he would have access to a stump remover, which is a device that grinds a tree stump down to nothing, and with the ability to go down to 1 metre below ground level, the roots are effectively removed. If your home is located in Western Australia, and you need stump removal in Perth, there are online experts who can safely complete the task at an affordable cost. The only other way to effectively remove a large stump is to hire an army of strong men armed with axes, and with time costing money, it just isn’t practical. Leaving an unsightly stump is not an option, and besides, that space can be used for a pathway of a grassed area.

Minimise Damage

Lawns should be protected with timber supports if the trunk is to fall in that area, and this will make the repairs easier. The outer branches might collide with buildings, so all should be trimmed away. Most of the tree surgeon’s work is done above ground height, and with the right safety equipment, he is able to easily move around the tree, and with a small chainsaw, he can dissect the tree in a safe manner.

Safety First

If you knew the number of accidents that have been caused by tree felling, you would understand why it makes perfect sense to call in the experts, and with a fully insured tree surgeon in charge, you can rest assured the tree will be safely removed, in its entirety.

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