5 Spring Lawn Care Tips

Having an attractive and well-kept yard in the spring is something that many people think is important. Keeping a well-kept yard in the spring makes your yard look clean, welcoming, and healthy. The below 5 steps will help homeowners with their spring lawn care:

Lawn care

  1. One of the most bothersome lawn care problems in the spring is weeds; although weeds grow in both the spring and summer, spring is the best time to prevent weeds. Using a weed control product that stops weeds for germinating can do this. If there are already weeds in the yard, work to either used a weed killer, or pull the weeds while trying to get their root.
  2. The second step for spring lawncare is to seed your lawn. If there are bare spots on your lawn or dead patches of grass, gently rake the top layer of the ground to mix up the dirt; if you have soil, place an appropriate amount on top of where you are placing seed, and sprinkle the grass seed on top. With the rake, gently mix the seed in with the soil. Although it will take time, you will see new and healthy grass begin to grow; homeowners may also have to water this if the weather is dry.
  3. Lawn mowing is another important step in lawn care; in order to keep your lawn well-kept, you must mow the lawn so it doesn’t grow too long. Mow your lawn as soon as its needed. Ensure that the blades in your lawnmower are sharp so they get the job done, and mow low to the ground to cut off the tops of dead grass.
  4. Professional and expert gardening services is something homeowners can use in order to make their yards more attractive; you can choose between plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers when gardening. When gardening in the spring, choose the correct flowers for the season. Some of these flowers include daffodils, tulips, peonies, and more.
  5. Aside from the above lawn treatments, homeowners should also clean their yard by killing moss. After the snow has melted, your lawn may be wet, damp, or poorly drained. This can be prevented in the fall if you rake your lawn but can also be done in the spring by gentle raking or chemical control using moss killers and spring fertiliser.
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