2013 pic gallery of pothole garden

Pothole can be said as an art of garden designing that is basically being done on the potholes that are being occurred at the side of the road. So, if you want to try a new of gardening and explore a new realm of gardening then you must for pothole gardening go for pothole gardening. You can do it in the streets or you can do it at the neighbour’s area.  While doing pothole remember one thing that you should choose small plants in planting in the pothole. This pothole gardening can also be the best way to surprise your neighbour or the trespasser. During the Christmas Eve you can plant small pine with decorative balls and plant it in the streets potholes. This can be an excellent way to project your creativity to everyone.

Pothole Garden

Pothole Garden pic

Pothole Garden on road


Pothole Garden 2012 look

rose Pothole Garden 2012 look


rose Pothole Garden 2013


Pothole garden in Bristol street art

pot hole Gardener

Pothole garden in street art

London Pothole garden art

source: pinterest


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