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From decades garden always plays a very vital role. It ultimately beautifies your beautiful home and makes it much more attractive. And garden has now days become one of the main ingredients for interior designing and generally designers also like to suggest of having a garden in your house, and the most interesting part is that you can design your garden with your own sense of creativity and imagination. This art process is known as garden designing.

It will look more attractive and beautiful, if you design your garden with lightings. Suppose you want to throw one garden party or dinner party or a Christmas party then if you are going to decorate your garden beautify with lights. Generally designers also prefer garden lighting, as during light your home garden becomes very much unattractive and moreover if your guests want to move around in your garden then they cannot as it is actually not safe, but through lighting you can easily give an extraordinary look.

Apart from the designing purpose there are other reasons also why both the owners as well as the designers actually prefer garden lighting among them the two most important reasons are safety and security. This article will help you out of how you are going to design your home garden and what are the things which are necessary to keep in mind while designing your home garden

The main purpose that generally works behind is to show off your garden which full with plants and flowers and through these lights you can easily highlight them, so while designing it you should be very much careful about the safety of your guests.
While you are going to design the pathways of the garden or the wall or the railings of the garden, try to decorate with low lights, by this you can easily give an exotic look to your garden and also maintain safety. With low lights you can also decorate the footsteps towards garden. For visual interests you can also add wooden stock fence having low lights lanterns in front of it.
Another important part of garden lighting that we most of us forget that, generally when we focus on garden lighting we doesn’t give much importance on outdoor lighting. So, you have to be concern about the outdoor lighting. You have to decorate the entrance gate with bright lights in order to show cordial welcome to the guests. At corridor, you can also hang wall lanterns; it gives a welcoming look to your guests. Even fort the safety you can add pathways lights so that even in darkness your guests can move with ease.
Garden lighting can be of different types used for different purposes. For example you can use uplighting in order to highlight the upward or tell features like tall trees or statues if you have in your garden.
Whereas on the other hand you can use down lighting for the soft features includes the bushes, shrubs, small flowers. Through this type lighting you can mount them and focus them. Generally this down lighting imitate moon light effect. Shadow lighting is another way where you place the illuminate the wall just in front of the small trees and shrubs so that they can cast a shadow and accentuates depth and thus they get highlighted.
You can also go for cross lighting which can be done just be placing hard fixtures in front of the trees with pores so that lights can pass through it and it looks more attractive.

Thus, garden lighting enhances to highlight some uniqueness to both of your home as well as to your garden. Through garden lighting you can easily give an historic look to your outside home as well as your garden.

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