2013 birthday party decor in garden

Parties are actually a reason to spend good times with your closed ones. Whether it’s a Beach party or a garden party or a birthday party, the froth is the same. We all eagerly wait for our birthdays for 365 days. So, it requires lot of planning to celebrate birthday. If you have a big yard or garden then you can easily celebrate your birthday at the garden.  Celebrating at the garden gives you and to your guests at lot of space. Moreover you will get a lot of space for decoration as well as you can use the natural elements wonderfully. So, let’s prepare your birthday at your garden and make it memorable. The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind that keep an alternative place ready for your party as because you never know when it starts raining. So, there should be an alternative place for your guests. As an alternative place you can choose your living area. After this you can start planning about your decoration.

When we heard about birthday the first things that come to our mind are the lights, candles, balloons, clown caps, and chocolates. Lights plays a very vital role, you can decorate the short bushes with the moon lights or green lights. But green lights will be best for the pines.  We cannot think birthday without candles. So, for highlighting your fence big candle fixtures will be exotic. You have to place those candle stands at the bottom of the fence or at the steps of the entrance of your home.  You are arranging the party at your garden, doesn’t mean that you will make your home dull. Your garden decoration should complement with the outside decoration of your home. You can hang lanterns at the balcony or at the corridor. You can place the wooden wreaths at the doors of your house.

 Next the most important place to decorate that is where the birthday cake will be placed. Try to make this place as attractive as you can as this your main focus point. Arrange for a big round table that should be placed at the centre of the garden or yard. You have to install canopy or shade around the table.. You have utilize this canopy by using decorative drapes, colorful balloon, wreathes. Hanging stars, ornamental statues. If you have a small garden then you can skip the idea of placing of statues. If it’s a birthday party for a kid then you can make handmade animals cutting of the cardboards and place it at your desired place. Safari animals will always make children thrilled.

Decorate the birthday cake table with small bowl candles around it. Cover the chairs with chair covers, but the color should match with the color of the drapes or the ribbons used. For sweet fragrance you can place flower pots with the petals or flowers of your garden or candles. Don’t forget to have place chocolates, nuts and birthday caps for your guests.

Entrance should be decorated with balloons instead of flowers. You can also place statues of cute clowns at the both side of the gate. At the corner of the yard or at the fence you also place the statues like Santa clause, or seven dwarfs. Select the area where you will place the gifts. Couch will be the best potions. You can decorate the couch with soft toys like teddies. Even that will also draw the attention of guests. The main goal should be, make the day special for your closed one as well to your guests. An attractive decoration will give pleasure to everyone, and then only your creativity will be a successful one.

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